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About Turning NC Sequences
To access Turn type NC sequences, you must be in a Lathe or Mill/Turn work center. The following NC sequence types are available:
Area—Define the area in the model cross section where you want the material to be removed. The tool path will be generated by scanning this area to remove material in step depth increments. Use for rough cut turning.
4 Axis Area—(Appears in 4-Axis workcells only.) Define the NC sequence the same as regular Area turning, above. The system will automatically generate the tool path for two synchronized heads.
Profile—Interactively define the cut motion(s).
Groove—Turn narrow grooves using a tool with cutting edges on both sides and a peck-type motion.
Thread—Cut threads on a lathe.
Holemaking—Drill, bore, and so on.
For each of the turning NC sequences, you define the cut geometry by creating or selecting a Turn Profile. The system will attempt to automatically determine the location of the area of the cut with respect to the Turn Profile; in case of ambiguity, it will prompt you to select which side to cut by flipping an arrow. The cut will be created on the side chosen in the Turn Profile. Depending on the type of NC sequence, you may then have to further define the cut by specifying the stock boundary and cut extensions.