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To Define the Stock Boundary
For 4–axis Area Turning, you can also define the stock boundary by clicking Select, Sketch, or Stock Envelope on the ADD BOUND menu.
1. Click Turn > Stock Boundary or you can also click Manufacturing > Stock Boundary. The Stock Boundary tab opens.
To create a stock boundary from the process manager, perform the following steps:
a. Click Manufacturing > Process Manager. The Manufacturing Process Table dialog box opens.
b. Click Insert > Geometry Reference > Stock Boundary. Select Create or Edit to create or edit the stock boundary. The Stock Boundary tab opens.
2. Click the Placement panel and specify the reference coordinate system in the Placement Csys collector.
3. If there are multiple workpieces, click in the Workpiece collector to select a workpiece whose cross section will define the stock boundary. If only one workpiece is present in the manufacturing model, it is selected automatically.
4. If there is no workpiece, perform the following steps:
Click to sketch the stock boundary. Creo NC reorients the model so that the XZ plane of the NC Sequence coordinate system is parallel to the screen and displays the Sketcher side bar. Select the Sketcher references, sketch the outward boundaries of the cut, dimension as necessary.
Click on the Sketcher side bar.
5. Click .