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To Create a 4 Axis Area Turning NC Sequence
1. Ensure that the active operation references a 2-turret Lathe or a Mill/Turn workcell.
2. Click Turn > Area Turning. The Area Turning tab opens.
After you click Four Axis Area Turning, the HEAD1 and HEAD2 options become unavailable, because the system will use both heads for this NC sequence.
3. Select the desired options and click Done.
4. Select the required parameters in the dialog box that appears for the selected options
5. Select Area Turning Cut from the list in the Tool Motions dialog box that appears, and click Insert. The Area Turning Cut dialog box opens.
If you have not defined a stock boundary, click in the Stock collector to select a workpiece to represent the stock boundary.
Click the Turn Profile collector and select a Turn profile. Alternatively, on the Mfg Geometry Features toolbar, click . The Turn profile dashboard appears for you to define the Turn profile.
Select the Start Extension and End Extension options to extend the ends of the Turn Profile to intersect the stock.
Extend or trim the ends of a cut section by selecting options under Options.
Click OK.
6. Create additional approach and exit motions by selecting options from the list.
7. When satisfied with the tool path, click .
The system automatically generates the tool path for two synchronized heads.