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To Specify Local Stock Allowance for Classic Sequences
1. On the INT CUT menu, click Stock Allow.
2. Click Define. In Area, 4 Axis Area, and Groove Turning, you can specify separate local stock allowance for Rough and Profile cuts by using the Rough Portion or Profile Portion option, respectively.
3. Select a chain of entities on the Turn Profile by using the From-To option and selecting two vertices (or choose Select All), and enter a value for local stock allowance.
The system displays the expected final tool pass by applying the values listed below and the local stock allowance you specified to the Turn Profile:
For Rough Portion and for Profile Turning—Ends adjustments, corner conditions, ROUGH_STOCK_ALLOW, Z_STOCK_ALLOW.
For Profile Portion—Ends adjustments, corner conditions, PROF_STOCK_ALLOW, Z_STOCK_ALLOW.
4. Repeat Step 3 to apply other local stock allowances, or click Done/Return to finish.
You can not apply more than one local stock allowance to the same entity.
5. The following options are available to manipulate existing local stock allowances:
Modify—All local stock allowance values are displayed. Use the Dimension option, select a value you want to modify, and enter a new value. You can also modify the underlying parameter values: use the Parameter option, check off the stock allowance parameter(s) you want to modify, and enter the new value(s).
Remove—Select the pair(s) of vertices where local stock allowance is specified (you can also use Select All). Once you remove a pair, stock allowance control reverts to parameter values.
Info—Displays the expected final tool pass, along with stock allowance values.