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To Specify the Tool Orientation
The orientation of a Turning tool can be controlled by the NC sequence parameter TOOL_ORIENTATION. The default value for this parameter is 90 degrees, which in most cases orients the tool properly to machine the outside and face surfaces of the workpiece. To machine the inside surfaces of a cored workpiece, you may need to change the TOOL_ORIENTATION value to 0. The actual tool orientation is also affected by the turret head number (Head 1 or Head 2), as well as the holder type (Left or Right). You can preview the tool orientation in the Preview window of the Tool Setup dialog box.
For 5–axis Mill-Turn machines that support orienting the tool on the machine, you can also set the TOOL_POSITION_ANGLE. This angle is output in CL data.
You can mirror the tool about its vertical axis by setting the Holder_Type parameter to Right. This allows you to perform back turning of diameters behind the shoulders of parts.
1. Holder_Type Left
2. Holder_Type Right