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To Define a Turning Envelope
1. Click Turn > Turn Envelope or you can also click Manufacturing > Turn Envelope. The Turn Envelope tab opens.
To create a turning envelope from the Process Manager, perform the following steps:
a. Click Manufacturing > Process Manager. The Manufacturing Process Table dialog box opens.
b. Click Insert > Geometry Reference > Turning Envelope. Select Create or Edit to create or edit the turn envelope. The Turn Envelope tab opens.
2. Click the Placement tab and specify the reference coordinate system in the Placement Csys collector. Creo NC generates the Turning Envelope by intersecting the rotational outline of the specified model with the XZ plane of the selected coordinate system. The rotation is about the Z axis of the placement coordinate system.
The Turning Envelope is highlighted with the default name Turn Envelopex, where x is the incremental value starting at 1.
3. For multiple reference models, click the Reference Model collector to select the reference model for which the Turning Envelope is required.
4. To redefine an existing Turning Envelope, click the Placement Csys collector and select a different coordinate system.
5. To delete an existing Turning Envelope, right-click the Placement Csys collector and click Remove.
6. Click .