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Blue Pump Tutorial
Welcome to the Vuforia Studio Blue Pump tutorial!
In this scenario, you’ll develop an augmented reality (AR) experience using Vuforia Studio. You’ll build a pump demonstration, and we’ll show you how to capture, store, analyze, and visualize data utilizing Vuforia Studio. You’ll go through the following steps:
1. Create a Project
2. Add a 3D Model to the Experience
3. Add a ThingMark
4. Add a 3D Label
5. Add 2D Buttons
6. Name the Experience
7. Publish the Experience
8. View the Experience in Vuforia View
What You’ll Need
Access to Vuforia Studio
Access to an Experience Service
Download Vuforia View from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store
A printer to print your ThingMark
A supported mobile device (phone or tablet)
For a list of supported iOS devices and Android operating systems, see the Getting Started with Vuforia Studio Guide.
Suggested Resources
For information on installation and configuration, see Vuforia Studio
For bug and enhancement requests, please visit the PTC Support site. For Vuforia Studio issues, please visit the Vuforia Studio Community.