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Workflow Settings
The Workflow Settings window provides the ability to manage a workflow’s Authorizations and Connections, its parameters, and settings to control its execution. To open the Workflow Settings window by clicking in the header of the Workflow Editor.
There are three main panels on the Workflow Settings page:
The Connected Accounts panel displays all the authorizations and connections that are used by the actions or triggers within the workflow. For more information, refer to the topics Authorizations and Connections.
Authorizations and connections can be removed from the workflow by clicking next to the authorization or connection name.
Clicking does not delete the authorization or connection from the system. It only removes them from the workflow. Any action that was configured to use the removed authorization or connection needs to be updated with another Authorization or connection for it to successfully execute.
From the Parameters panel, you can bind a key such as a parameter name with a value, so you can reference the parameter value from within Actions in the workflow. This provides a single place for defining values so that they are not repeated throughout the workflow, for easier maintenance of the workflow.
Adding Parameters
To add parameters for a workflow, do the following:
1. On the workflow canvas, click located at the top on the right-side. The Workflow settings window opens.
2. From the left panel, click the PARAMETERS tab.
3. Click to add a new parameter.
4. Enter the Key and Value for the parameter.
5. Select the check box next to the key value pair to make the parameter mandatory.
Click to delete the defined parameter or parameters from the workflow.
Using a Parameters in an Action
Parameters defined in a given workflow are confined to the actions associated with that workflow. After defining the parameters for the workflow, you can use the parameters in an action of the workflow.
To use a defined parameter for an action, do the following:
1. Drag an action under any connector to the canvas, place the pointer on the action, and then click or double-click the action. The action configuration window opens.
2. On the right-side panel, click the Parameter tab.
3. Click to add the key and value as an input as shown in the figure that follows:
During the execution of the action, the value associated with that key is used.
You can also add the parameters directly from the action by clicking .
The Execution Settings panel provides a set of configurations related to the execution of the workflow. The available settings are as follows:
Maintain activity log—When set to On, the inputs and outputs of each action are included in the activity log when the workflow is executed. For more information, refer to the section Activity Logs.
Show real-time visualization of Workflow when executed via trigger—When set to On, the Workflow editor displays a visualization of the execution of the workflow, by highlighting the actions as they are executed.
The visualization is completely independent from the actual execution of the workflow. Anything that is done in the workflow editor in the middle of a visualization, such as closing the editor, does not impact the workflow execution itself.