ThingWorx Flow > Creating a Workflow
Creating a Workflow
Users with correct permissions can create new workflows from the Workflow Home page. For more information, refer to the section Configuring Permissions for ThingWorx Flow.
The Workflow Services can also be created and added to the entities in ThingWorx Composer. For more information, refer to the section Creating Workflow Services in ThingWorx Composer.
To create a workflow, do the following:
1. From the Composer, click + New on the Workflow Home Page. The Create New Workflow window opens.
2. Enter a name for the workflow. Workflow names must conform to the ThingWorx naming conventions for Services.
3. Optionally, enter a description for the workflow.
4. Click Save.
5. In the Workflow Editor, configure the start action and add a trigger or webhook that executes the workflow.
6. Add actions from the Actions list to the canvas, and then connect them into a sequence from the start action to the end action. Configure each action by adding Connections or Authorizations, and input.
7. Save the Workflow. There must be at least one valid path from start to end to save the workflow.
Build the workflows step-by-step by testing the flows as the actions are added to ensure that you get the correct results.
Working with Existing Workflows
Manage workflows from the workflow home page. For more information, refer to the topic Workflow Home Page.