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Activity Logs
An Activity Log is a record of an individual execution of a workflow, providing information on the overall execution and detailed information on each step of the workflow.
To access the Activity Logs page, do the following:
1. On the workflow home page, click the user menu in the header, and then click Activity Logs.
The Activity Logs window opens. In the table of activity logs, there is a row for each workflow execution, with the most recently executed first. The table provides information about the executions such as the date, time, and status.
For detailed information about a workflow execution, click View Log button. The log details appear as shown in the figure that follows:
2. Click CLOSE to close the log details window and go back to the Activity Logs page.
Auto refresh logs
By default, Auto refresh logs is disabled. To enable auto-refresh, click on the top right of the page. When set to ON, the list of log entries refreshes every minute.