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Connections are grants made by an account owner to authorize the ThingWorx server access to capabilities of a third-party application service. Grants are created using any standard method, other than OAuth, such as Basic, Form based, App Keys, and so on. A connection is made up of a combination of a system identifier such as a URL and the account credentials to use when accessing the system.
Creating Connections
Create connections in the Global Settings page or in a Workflow, when configuring an Action or Trigger for a connector that supports non-OAuth authentication.
1. To create a new connection, do the following:
a. On the Global Flow Settings page, go to the Connections tab, and then click . The Add Connection window opens.
b. Select the connector for which to add a new connection.
c. On the Action or Trigger configuration user interface, in the Connection list, select Add New. The Add Connection window opens.
Some actions may have more than one Connection type. For example, ThingWorx Connections can be either ThingWorx App Key or Basic. Make sure to select the appropriate type of connection before adding a new connection.
2. Enter a name for the connection in the Connection Label field, provide the credentials to access the external system, and then click ADD. There is then an attempt to log in to the external system to verify that the credentials are valid. If the log in is not successful, then correct the connection information.
Click TEST to test if the connection is valid.
For example, to create a ThingWorx Basic Connection to be used by any of the ThingWorx actions, such as Get Thing Properties, follow these steps:
a. Select Add New from the ThingWorx Connection list:
The Add Connection window opens.
b. In the Add Connection window, enter a name for the connection in the Connection Label field and then provide the URL of the ThingWorx system, the User Id and Password, and then click ADD. The new connection is added to the system and can be used in any action or trigger.
Connections in the system created by a user can be managed in the Global Flow Settings user interface, where they can be edited or deleted. For more information, refer to the topic Global Flow Settings.
Connections used in a specific workflow can be viewed in the Workflow Settings page. For more information, refer to the topic Workflow Settings.