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Authorizations are grants made by an account owner to authorize the ThingWorx server to access the capabilities of a 3rd party application service such as Gmail or Box on behalf of the account owner. Authorizations apply to application services that support access through the Open Authorization such as OAuth authentication and authorization standard. Authorizations can be defined at the time a connection is created to an OAuth service in the context of defining or editing a flow or as an administrative action outside the flow definer. To create a new authorization, see the section that follows.
Creating Authorizations
Create authorizations in the Global Settings page or in a Workflow, when configuring an action or trigger for a connector that uses OAuth.
1. To create a new authorization
a. On the Global Flow Settings page, go to the Authorizations tab, and click . The Add Authorization window opens.
b. Select the connector on which to add the new authorization.
c. On the Action or Trigger configuration user interface, in the Authorize <Connector> list, select Add New <Connector> Log In.
A window opens to prompt for credentials to log into the third-party system, for other needed information to connect to that system, and for the level access being authorized. For example, it may prompt for the types of actions being authorized for ThingWorx to execute on that system. The prompts differ depending on the third-party system.
2. Follow the prompts until the window is dismissed. You are prompted to enter a name for the authorization.
a. As an example, when creating a Box authorization, you are first prompted to log into the account:
b. Enter the credentials to the Box account and click Authorize. A window opens and the types of actions that are being authorized appear.
c. Click Grant access to Box. The Add Authorization window opens.
d. In the Add Authorization window, enter a name for the authorization in the Authorization Label field, and then click ADD. The new authorization is added to the system and can be used in any action or trigger.
There is no limit to the number of authorizations you can create for a service.
The following video demonstrates how to create an authorization for Gmail.
Authorizations in the system created by a user can be managed in the Global Settings user interface, where they can be edited or deleted. For more information, refer to the topic Global Flow Settings.
View authorizations in a specific workflow on the Workflow Settings page. For more information, refer to the topic Workflow Settings.