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To Set Annotation Options
1. Click File > Options. The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. On the left, select Annotations. The Annotations-Main options open.
3. To receive a warning when you load a data set that cannot be saved, select the Warn if a data set for which an annotation set cannot be saved is loaded check box.
4. Under Template Files, select an annotation template file to apply.
5. Under Annotation Set Author Defaults, type default the signature details in the following boxes:
6. On the left, under Annotations select an item to change its appearance:
Stamps—To add, edit or remove stamps. See To Edit the Stamp Gallery.
Tags—To add, edit or remove tags, see To Create a Tag.
7. To change the default annotation appearance, next to Showing, select Defaults, and then select Model Annotations. The Annotations-Model Annotations options open.
8. Next to Display occluded model annotations as, select a display option for annotations that are located behind a model:
9. Select the Use model annotation default visibility check box to show or hide the annotations according to their visibility in the original file.
10. Select the Ignore z-buffer depth check box and then set the Quilt bias percentage.
11. Under Floating Annotations set a color for the text using the Choose Color dialog box.
12. To set a background color for the text, select the Text Background check box and then select a color using the Choose Color dialog box. For a transparent background, clear the Text Background check box.
13. On the left, under Annotations select an item to set the default appearance settings:
Text—Sets a font size, minimum label size, and a color for the text and the text background.
For notes, select Expanded text to display one line of text for each referenced part. See Example: Expanded Text.
Line Style—Set the line style options.
Shape—Set the color for the annotation shape using the Choose Color dialog box.
14. Select Apply To All Views to apply the settings to all views.
15. Click Apply to apply the settings and continue setting options, or click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog box.