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About Annotation Sets
An annotation set is a group of saved markups. You can set one annotation set as the default so that it opens when you load the design. An asterisk preceding the annotation set name in the Annotation Sets pane indicates the default annotation set. When you save an annotation set, the file is saved with the structure or design file. You can change the structure path to save new annotation sets to another structure item provided that they are loaded from Windchill and they are top-level branch links. You must save an external file in a Creo View format (PVS or PVZ) before you can add and save an annotation set. You can create annotation sets in Creo View when working both with MCAD structures and ECAD objects. When working in Creo View Lite with MCAD structures you can create annotation sets, but when working with ECAD objects you can only view annotation sets. Annotation sets are on the Annotation Sets pane of the upper data panel. The pane has two display modes:
List View—Displays thumbnail previews of the annotation sets.
Tree View—Lists the names of the annotation sets and annotation folders. You must be in Tree View to create, view, edit, and delete annotation folders.
These markups are saved to an annotation set:
Construction geometry (MCAD only)
Animate the transition between animation sets by setting a Loading option. You can merge MCAD annotation sets and views by applying an annotation set to a base view or annotation set. In Creo View ECAD, additional properties are saved to the annotation set:
Color and Visibility settings
Navigation settings