Checking Designs > Creating and Modifying Tags > To Create a Tag
To Create a Tag
1. Click File > Options. The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. On the left, under Annotations, click Tags. The Annotations-Tags options open.
3. Select a Palette type option:
Uniform—Maintains one palette for all applications.
Multiple > Design Check—Creates a tag only for Design Check.
Multiple > Interference Detection—Creates a tag only for Interference Detection.
4. Click Add. The Add Tag dialog box opens.
5. Type a name in the Tag Name box.
6. To display a tag in a different background color, follow these instructions:
a. Under Appearance, select the Tag Color check box.
b. Click the color button. The Choose Color dialog box opens.
c. Set a color, and then click OK.
7. Select the Navigator Symbol (16x16) or Ribbon Icon (32x32) box and click Browse. The Select Image dialog box opens.
8. To import an image, follow these instructions:
a. Click Import. The Add Stamp dialog box opens.
b. Browse to the image file that you want to add and click Open. The selected image is added to the tags display in the Select Image dialog box.
9. In the Edit Tag dialog box, under Options, select or clear the Show confirmation message when tag is changed check box.
10. Under Lock Mechanism, select a lock setting.
11. To protect against overwriting for locked notes, select the Switch Note to 'Read Only' when locked check box.
12. In the Comments box, type more information about the tag, or type instructions on when to use the tag.
13. Click OK.