Working with Markups > Annotations > Stamp Annotations > To Edit the Stamp Gallery
To Edit the Stamp Gallery
1. Click File > Options.
The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. Next to Showing, select Global.
3. On the left, select Annotations > Stamps.
4. On the right, under Annotations-Stamps, use the buttons below to edit the stamp gallery as described.
Add—To add a stamp to the gallery, click Add. In the Add Stamp dialog box, select an image file to add as a stamp and click Open. The stamp is added and its thumbnail image appears in the gallery. Each stamp you add is named sequentially, for example, stmp0000, stmp0001, etc. You can rename a stamp after you add it.
Rename—To rename a stamp, select its thumbnail image in the gallery and click Rename. In the Rename Stamp dialog box, type the new name and click OK.
Delete—To delete a stamp from the gallery, select its thumbnail image in the gallery and click Delete. The selected stamp is deleted from the gallery.
Deleting a stamp from the gallery does not remove it from any model it was previously inserted in. (To delete stamps from a model, see To Delete Stamp Annotations.)