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About Annotations
An annotation is a markup created in Creo View on any type of MCAD or ECAD viewable. Create and view annotations for these purposes:
Document the design
Work on product definition
Collaborate on reviews
Annotations appear in the graphics area, and a list of the annotations appears on the View Content pane of the upper data panel. When you select the annotation in either location, it is selected in both places. A selected annotation is also brought to the front of the view.
You can attach annotations, such as shapes and leader lines, to the surface of an MCAD part so that they follow the corresponding part as it is moved. A note that references one or more parts with a leader line can have text that is automatically determined by the names and values of attributes on the referenced parts. When you connect a new note to a surface polygon with a leader line, the note automatically has the same appearance and line style as the polygon. Secondary selection highlighting indicates the connected item when you select any of these items:
Leader line
Surface polygon
A saved annotation set is stored to an *.etb file that is linked to the structure file. You can also save an annotation set and upload it to the server.
You can perform the following operations on annotations:
Lock size for 2D notes and Gtol
Hide or show
Save content and position
Apply annotation templates