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Working with the ECAD Comparison Results View
You can display one or more comparison views in a session of Creo View. A comparison between a PCB Layout view and a Schematic view results in side-by-side comparison views. These comparisons result in a single comparison view:
PCB Layout-PCB Layout
Gerber-PCB Layout
When you are working with Windchill, by default the annotation set is applied to the active view. For more information, see Annotating and Saving the Results of an ECAD Comparison.
For PCB Layout-PCB Layout comparisons, you can highlight or isolate objects. For Schematic-Schematic comparisons, you can highlight objects. For image comparisons, you can preview one or more differences in the graphics area. Select the differences and the cells of the image grid for those differences appear. You can also display a grid in the comparison view. Select one or more differences from the same layer, and then toggle the grid on and off. For more information, see To Display the Grid for Image Comparison Views.
Perform these other tasks in the Full Results view only:
Annotate—Copy an annotation from one view, and then paste it in the other view. For example, copy and paste between views for PCB Layout-Schematic comparisons. To aid collaboration, you can save markups to the annotation set.
Tag—Add a review status and comments.
Export—Save the Difference Details to IDX.
Report—Generate and save a report of the Difference Details:
All Differences
Design Data
Check options
File History
Changing the Appearance of the View
As you inspect differences, you can change the appearance of the view to better understand the results:
Toggle the visibility of sublayers.
Change the color for the display of the First Item, Second Item, Common items, or all three. (For single-view results.)
Adjust the color and visibility of the image grid.
Highlight and isolate objects.
Zoom to a selected difference. For image differences, the view zooms to the image cell that contains the difference. For object comparisons, the view zooms to the objects associated with that difference.
Toggle the visibility of a difference or a group of differences, such as Deletions, in these locations:
Quick Results— Substructure pane in the primary panel
Full Results— Compare Results tab of the upper data panel
See Tips for Inspecting ECAD Comparison Results for more ways to inspect results using visibility and color. For information on changing the colors, see To Set Colors for the Comparison View.
Saving the View State and Filters
You can save the view state of a comparison results view to an annotation set. The following properties are saved:
Colors for First Item, Second Item, and Common items.
Background color
Visibility of sublayers
Shape fill
Orientation—Settings for rotation, flip, or both
Current sheet
Default font
Selection preferences
Overlay visibility and position—Settings for alignment, rotation, flip, or all three
The filters you apply to the Difference Details pane are also saved to the annotation set. For more information, see To Filter the Difference Details.
Searching for Objects and Filtering Differences
You can search the comparison view, and the results are color-coded with the First Item and Second Item colors. Use the Search ECAD Design dialog box, or use the Quick Search box in the ECAD Results pane of the upper data panel. For more information, see these topics:
About ECAD Searches
To Perform a Quick Search