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To Filter the Difference Details
1. In the Difference Details tab of the lower data panel, right-click a row, and then select Filter Attributes. The Difference Details Table Filter dialog box opens.
2. In the Filter Name box, type a name for the filter.
3. To create a filter that excludes the matching items, select the Exclude Differences Matching Filter Criteria check box.
4. To require exact matches, select the Exact Match Only check box. To return results that match all or part of the filter criteria, clear the check box.
5. Under Filter Criteria, set one or more parameters for the filter:
Filter Within—Specifies the type of ECAD object to filter.
State Conflicts
Comments—Filters with text and wildcards (*).
6. The Ignore case check box is selected by default. To make the search case sensitive, clear the check box.
7. To create a multiline search, select the Show Multi-line check box. For more information, see To Create a Multiline Search Query.
8. To make your filter criteria the default, click Make Default.
9. To revert to the default filter criteria, click Reset to Default.
10. Click OK. The filter is applied to the Difference Details tab.