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Annotating and Saving the Results of an ECAD Comparison
Your workflow changes depending on whether you are working with the standalone Creo View client, or you are using Creo View together with Windchill. Information on both scenarios follows.
Annotating and Saving a Standalone Comparison
After you perform a comparison in a standalone environment, save the PVZ file. The saved design includes the annotation set. You can send it to reviewers using a file sharing system or e-mail.
Annotating and Saving a Comparison to Windchill
After you compare two designs from Windchill, save the resulting annotation set. It contains the comparison results and the Results View, along with the view state and the annotations. By default, the annotation set with the results is saved to the active view. However, you can select another design to save the results. For information on opening the results, see To Open ECAD Comparison Results from Windchill.