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About ECAD Searches
Search for ECAD objects by characteristics such as these:
Object ID
Reference Designator
Device Type
When you search by attribute, search by name or value. Narrow your search to one or more object types, or search all objects in the design. The search parameters in the Search ECAD Design dialog box update dynamically based on the option you select. For example, you can conduct a search for test points by pin name, net name, object ID, or attribute. In a search for routes, however, you can only search by attribute. Although you can run a search without giving it a query name, use a query name to save your search criteria for a subsequent session. You can also create a multiline search for multiple conditions.
You can search files from Creo Schematics for some types of objects. Rule-based searches are not supported for files from Creo Schematics.