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About Selecting ECAD Data
You can select ECAD components in the graphics area or from the Substructure pane. In the graphics area, select objects individually, or select all of the components in an area of the design. The ECAD substructure appears on the Substructure pane of the primary navigation panel when Creo View ECAD is open. When you select an object from one of the partitions on the Structure pane, the object is automatically selected in all of the partitions and in the graphics area. Use a keyboard shortcut to select an item from a partition. For most object types, you can open every partition in which the object appears. These are the exceptions:
Part Numbers
Special Symbols
You can expand a node to select one or more objects in the node. Select an entire node in a partition to select every object associated with that node. When you select an object in a node, the related objects are selected or highlighted. These are some examples:
Example of Selected Object
Related Objects Also Selected or Highlighted
Net node
All associated objects are highlighted in the graphics.
Package node
All instances of the package are selected in the Structure pane and highlighted in the graphics.
Device, package, and part number are selected in the Structure pane.
Pin (selected in the graphics)
Net nodes are highlighted in the Structure pane.
Pins under a component or net branch
All pins listed under the Pins branch are selected in the Structure pane and highlighted in the graphics.
When you select one or more components, information about them appears in the Attributes pane of the lower data panel. You can use the Select in Product Structure command within a list of selected objects to narrow your selection.
You can also use cross-selection mode to select objects simultaneously in one or more of these locations:
Multiple views
Creo View MCAD
Other Creo View ECAD tools
You can make a single selection stand out in the graphics area by adding a crosshair. The selection filter limits the types of selectable objects, to make it easier to select from among many small objects. The pointer indicates the active selection filter. You can also set an option to exclude one or more types of objects from the selection for the active view or to exclude them by default.