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About ECAD Viewables
You can display Schematic and PCB Layout views. The Creo View ECAD file format is EDA (*.eda). An ECAD viewable may be a separate file, or one or more viewables may be part of a design package that also includes MCAD viewables. You can add EDA viewables to the to the root structure.
When you open an ECAD viewable, a Substructure pane opens in the primary panel. It contains all the objects in the file, including unplaced components. The objects are organized into partitions by type. You can expand and collapse the partition labels. Objects can appear in more than one partition on the substructure tab. For instance, a pin may be included in the Components partition and under its net in the Nets partition. Next to each object the following information appears in brackets, depending on the view type:
PCB Layout—Location on the circuit board
Schematic—Sheet where the object appears
The Color and Visibility pane in the upper data panel shows the appearance of each ECAD object. For each viewable, a layer is added for object types that are applicable to the whole design or that are located on more than one layer. In PCB Layout views, the Global layer lists these objects, and in Schematic views, they are on the Schematic Objects layer. You can use the color and visibility commands on these layers to assign a common display status to all objects of an object type. The Annotations layer contains the overlays or images associated with the viewable.
In the lower data panel, you can use the Attributes pane to show some or all of the attributes of the design.
You can add markups to a Schematic or PCB Layout view. You can save the view in these file formats:
Structure (PVS or PVZ)
ECAD viewable (EDA)
Annotation set (AST) (Creo View ECAD only)