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About Design Layer Color and Visibility
In an ECAD design, a layer’s appearance consists of these factors:
Visibility status
Position in the display order
You can control the appearance of design layers using the Color and Visibility pane of the upper data panel. This pane shows the layers and sublayers of a design. It appears when you open a PCB layout view, a schematic view, or a Gerber file. Use the appearance commands in these ways:
Keep the original text color assigned to an object.
Assign colors to layers to make them quickly identifiable.
Show or hide layers to simplify the view.
Set display defaults in the Creo View Options dialog box, or make your session settings the default.
A layer can have sublayers of different colors, visibility statuses, or both. You can reuse a color any number of times for multiple layers. You can also assign one color to a group of like sublayers and select colors for groups.
Layers are displayed one on top of the other. Use the Bring to Top command to change the order of the display. To preview a change in layers, place the pointer over a layer to show it on top. The previous top layer becomes the second layer, and the remaining layers move downward. You can undo your changes and revert to the default order. In PCB Layout views, perform these additional operations to control the appearance of the design:
Invert the layers
Fill visible, solid shapes