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About Schematic Views
A Schematic view shows the logic of the ECAD design, using symbols to represent the components and their circuits. Schematic viewables appear on the Viewables pane of the primary panel, in the Schematic partition. Creo Schematic views are a type of ECAD Schematic view created from Creo Schematics files. They possess modified functionality and are differentiated from other ECAD Schematic views by a different icon.
ECAD Schematics contain standard sublayers on the Color and Visibility pane. When you select a pin, its net is also automatically selected in the Substructure pane. The net is highlighted with the secondary selection color.
Schematic files can include several sheets. You can scroll through the sheets or select a sheet name or number to view it. When a schematic contains connectors to objects on other pages, you can jump to those pages using the shortcut menu.
In addition to the partitions for standard symbols, the Substructure pane for a schematic view contains a partition for special symbols. Special symbols represent logic and connectivity on the Schematic but do not represent physical components or conductors. For example, a special symbol could be voltage supply lines connected to component symbols or pins or terminations of wires to or from another sheet of the schematic.
You can open the hierarchical blocks of a Schematic in the current view or a new view using the shortcut menu.
A Schematic view from Concept Design Entry HDL or Altium Designer Schematic can contain embedded images. Embedded images appear on the Logic sublayer. Supported functionality for embedded images is shown in the next table:
Not Supported
Selection, including functionality in the Navigation group
Inclusion in groups
Changes to visibility or color of the border
Viewing and functionality on the Attributes pane of the lower data panel
Highlighting and isolation