Navigating the User Interface > Navigating the ECAD View
Navigating the ECAD View
Navigate the display using these commands on the Home tab:
Click Zoom All.
Zooms out to the maximum extents of the viewable for the sheet.
The maximum extents may be far beyond the outlines of the sheet.
Click Zoom Window.
Resizes to fit the selected area to the graphics area.
Double-click Zoom Window to activate and remain in zoom window mode.
Click Zoom Window to exit zoom window mode.
Resizes by increment with each selection to fit the graphics area.
Click Zoom Selected. You can also select one or more objects, and then right-click and choose Zoom Selected from the shortcut menu, or double-click one or more objects on the substructure pane.
Zooms in or out to include the selected object.
For items on multiple sheets, the zoom is performed on the first sheet with a selection.
Select one or more objects, and then right-click and choose Center on Pick from the shortcut menu.
Centers the view around the selected objects.
Click Center.
Click Zoom Outline.
Resizes to the outlines of the sheet or PCB outline.
Click or click and hold a keyboard arrow.
Pans the view incrementally or continuously.