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About Creating, Saving, Importing, and Exporting Animations
You can create an animation by recording. There are two automatic recording modes:
Record Content—Records changes to the position of items, markup, and sections.
Record Camera—Records changes to the camera’s position.
In the automatic recording modes, a recording indicator appears in the graphics area and the status bar. You can click the recording indicator in the status bar to pause, and then click pause to restart the recording. Tracks are added in the Keyframe Editor when you move a new item or create new content. Every time you make a change, the timeline in the Keyframe Editor is extended by an increment and a new key is created. The manual recording mode is called Capture. Use it to take a manual snapshot of selected items, item orientation, camera positions, or both. In Record Content mode, you can add these effects to one or more parts:
Fade Out—Adds a transition from opaque to transparent.
Fade In—Adds a transition from transparent to opaque.
Color—Adds a transition from the original color to another color.
Unscrew—Translates the selected parts while rotating them. You can unscrew parts individually or combined as a unit.
Animation effects can be applied to annotation sets.
Click Restore Location to move all parts back to their original positions.
You can import an animation that matches the current structure.
The imported animation may contain information about the conversion factors for time and space definitions, or you may have to specify them in the import dialog box. You can add a URL or an external file to an existing animation.
Animations are saved to the annotation set.
You can also export an animation as a movie.
Only file formats based on the *.wmv capture codecs installed will be available for Export.
The list of codecs available for export is determined by the list of *.wmv video capture (encoder) codecs you currently have installed. You can find the list of installed Video Codecs in the Technical Support Information for Microsoft Windows Media Player.