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To Add an Animated Unscrew Effect
To select one or more parts first, see the note at the end of this topic.
1. In an open animation, click the arrow under Effects, and then click Unscrew. The Unscrew dialog box opens.
2. Select one or more parts to unscrew.
3. In the Unscrew dialog box, click the arrow next to Add, and then select one of these options:
Add Single Parts—Unscrews each selected part individually according to its default coordinate system.
Add Coupled—Unscrews the selected parts as a group.
4. Under Settings, in the Direction box, select the translation direction.
Automatic translates the parts in the most appropriate direction for their shape.
5. In the CSYS box, select or define a coordinate system for the translation reference:
Parts—Uses the coordinate system of each selected part individually.
Global—Uses the global coordinate system for a single part or a group.
Select from Graphics Area—Opens the Select CSYS dialog box so you can select a part or geometry for the coordinate system reference.
Define—Opens the Construct Coordinate System dialog box so you can manually define a coordinate system.
6. To toggle the dynamic preview of the unscrew effect, select Automatic or Manual.
7. Click OK. The unscrew effect is added.
You can also first select one or more parts to unscrew and then click Effects > Unscrew. The Unscrew dialog box opens with the parts added individually. To couple two or more of the parts, select them in the Unscrew dialog box, and then right-click and choose Couple from the shortcut menu.