Working with Animations > Creating Animations and Movies > To Create and Save an Animation
To Create and Save an Animation
1. With a Model View open, click Animation > Advanced. The Animation tool opens in advanced mode.
2. Click Animation > Animations > New. The Keyframe Editor opens.
The first time you open the Animation tool for a view, a new animation is created automatically.
3. To set the recording mode, click Animation > Record Content or Animation > Record Camera.
4. For each part, subassembly, or assembly to move, perform these actions:
a. Select the item to move.
b. Select a motion type.
c. Drag the item to a new location in one or more increments.
5. To take a manual snapshot of selected items, camera position or both, select Capture, and then click one of these commands:
Capture Selected—Records the current state of the selected items.
Capture Camera—Records the current state of the camera.
Capture All—Records the current state of both the selected item and the camera.
6. You can click in the Status bar to pause the animation, and then click to resume.
7. Save the animation as an annotation set.