Working with Animations > Creating Animations and Movies > To Import an Animation
To Import an Animation
1. Click Animation > Advanced. The Animation tool opens in Creation mode.
2. Click Animations > Import Animation. The Import Animation dialog box opens.
3. Click Yes to confirm the import. The Load Animation dialog box opens.
4. Select the format to import:
Mechanica File (*.fra)
IPS File (*.xml)
5. Select the animation file to import and click Load:
For IPS files—The Select Part dialog box opens. Continue to step 6.
For Mechanica files—The animation is loaded, or the FRA file importer settings dialog box opens. Skip to step 7.
6. Select the part to apply the path, and then click OK. The animation is loaded.
7. To specify time and space information about the animation, follow these steps:
a. Select a conversion factor in the boxes next to Units.
b. In the Frames per second box, select or type a value.
c. Click Import. The animation is loaded.