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About Animation
Use the Animation module of Creo View to coordinate the components of an animation sequence and play back an animation. You can animate Model Views only, and you must have an Animation license to create and edit animations. You can play, create, and manage your animation using the Keyframe Editor, the ribbon, and the shortcut menu. Animate these types of items:
Section cuts
3D library parts and symbols
Access to the Animation functions depends on your edition of Creo View and whether you have an Animation license installed.
Creo View Configuration
Animation Functions
Creo View with an Animation license
Create, edit, and playback
Creo View without an Animation license
Creo View Lite
Creo View Express
Playback only
Preview the path of a moving item in an animation by displaying a line with a coordinate system marking the position of the item at each key. You can play animations and set playback options to control the speed, looping, range, and direction.