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To Address Round Placement Ambiguity
1. Select the references for the round and click Model > Round. The Round tab opens.
2. Perform one of the following actions:
If there is ambiguity between mutually exclusive groups of round pieces, select a group by clicking Next Solution on the Round tab. The system displays preview geometry of the next group of round pieces. Proceed to step 5.
If the selected mutually exclusive group has round pieces that have unclear placement, click the Pieces tab. On the Sets list, select the round set that contains the round pieces that you want to address. All of the round pieces for the current round set are listed in the Pieces table.
3. In the Pieces table, do one of the following:
Exclude a round piece—Select the round piece to exclude and select Excluded. The system removes the round piece from the model.
* You cannot exclude all of the listed round pieces.
Include a round piece—Select the round piece to include and select Included. The system displays the round piece on the model.
* All round pieces are included by default.
4. To exclude another round piece in the current round set, repeat step 3.
5. To include an excluded round piece, repeat step 3.
6. At this point, the ambiguity for the current round set has been addressed. Do one of the following:
In the Sets list, select another round set that contains ambiguity to address.
Close the Pieces tab to activate Sets mode and continue working with round sets.
Click .
You can also use Excluded or Included from the Pieces tab shortcut menu.
If you excluded multiple pieces in the current round set and want to quickly include them all, select All included from Pieces tab shortcut menu.
To quickly locate a piece on your model, place your cursor over each piece in the Pieces table, and it is dynamically highlighted in the graphics window.