Escalation Procedures

Problem is Encountered

Baseline (Level 0)

911 Issues (High Priority)

Level 1
Stopped dead without a known work-around. Until this problem is resolved, job functions cannot be performed.

Level 2
A major problem, but have found a possible work-around to get the job completed. The work-around is a short-term solution, to avoid the potential of building legacy data if the fix is not implemented soon.

411 Issues (Priority)

Level 3
Inconvenient. Work-arounds exist and are acceptable for the short-term, but would be more productive if the problem was fixed.

Level 4
Annoyance. Does not make sense or cannot function as desired. The issue should be addressed, either as an enhancement request or a tutorial, but can live with the issue. The issue does not need immediate attention and a work-around can be a long-term solution.