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Publishing to PDF
You can use Windchill Service Information Manager’s Publish Representation feature to create PDF output of a publication. Content data modules and Information Control Number (ICN) illustrations from the source publication structure are included in the PDF.
Outputting illustrations in a PDF
Any illustrations included in a publication structure are included in a PDF, provided they match any content filters applied to the structure before publishing.
If you have ICNs based on Creo Illustrate (.c3di) or Arbortext IsoDraw (.iso) graphics in your publication, you can specify that secondary content (.pvz or .cgm) of the illustration is output in the PDF.
For more information, see Include Secondary Content Attachment with an Illustration.
There are some requirements to publishing secondary content:
There must be an Arbortext Editor fallback mechanism in place for the .c3di or .iso graphic types
Fore more information, see Set up Fallback Mechanism for Secondary Content of an Illustration.
Your product must include publishing rules that handle publishing of secondary content — default rules are provided
When publishing PDF with these requirements in place, secondary content of illustrations are displayed in PDF content and provided as an attachment to the PDF representation.
If the illustration is based on a c3di (primary content) and .pvz (secondary content) illustration, you can choose whether to include the first figure in the .pvz file only, or to include all figures in the .pvz.
The value of the Insert Multiple Figures preference specifies which figures to include.
Publishing PDF Output
To publish the data in a publication structure to PDF:
1. Open the required publication structure and navigate to its Structure tab.
2. Click the Publish Representation action set button Publish Representation. The Publish Representation window is displayed.
For more information, see Publish Representation.
3. Enter a name in the Name field, and a description in the Description field.
4. Select the required publishing rule from the Publishing Rule pull-down list, depending on the page size you want for the output PDF:
pdf using S1000D 4.1 Publishing Rules (A4)
pdf using S1000D 4.1 Publishing Rules (US Letter)
Similar rules are available for selection if you are working in S1000D version 4.0.1 or 4.2 products.
Each page size includes a different page size for foldouts:
A4 page size — foldouts in A3 page size
US Letter page size — foldouts in US Tabloid/Ledge page size
5. Choose whether the representation should be used as the default representation with the Set as Default checkbox.
6. Click Submit Publish Job.
If you requested a notification, you will be advised when the PDF publish action completes. Otherwise you can use Quick Links > WVS Job Monitor to refer to the WVS Job Monitor for progress information.
7. Once the PDF has been published, it is listed in the Representations tab for the publication structure.
To view the PDF file, select the newly published representation and select Files from the context menu. Click the required PDF file to display it.
Content in published output conforms to any filtering of the publication structure based on certain navigation criteria, for example applicability.
For more information, see Filter a Structure.
For more information about creating filters, see About Part Structure Filters.