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Filter a Structure
To create an option filter for your structure:
1. Go to the Structure page for the top-level part of the structure you want to filter.
2. Select the Edit Filter item from the Filter group of the ribbon menu.
The Edit Filter window is displayed.
3. Navigate to the Option Filter tab.
4. In the Product Filter area, select the products from associated PCT data whose options and choices you wish to use as a filter (optional).
5. Refer to the choices list. The list contains options and choices from two sources:
Products in PCT data, if you add these to the available list
The Option Set assigned to the current product
6. Select the required options and choices from the choices list.
7. Click OK to confirm that the selected options and choices should be added to the filter for the structure.
The option filter created here is summarized in the Current Filter window, along with filters created in the other tabs of the Edit Filter window.
The option filter will apply when publishing publications to PDF and Servigistics InService A&D. Content in the output will be filtered at both data module and inline level.
For more information, see Option Filter Tab.
For more information about filtering, see Filtering Part Structures.