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Editing in DocStudio
Editing in DocStudio consists of editing the content in a content pane or modifying the structure in the outline pane. An easy-to-use rich text editor that enables editing and creating rich content is also available in DocStudio.
The following editing features are available in DocStudio:
Edit Content-Enables you to update content in a document.
Edit Structure-Enables you to modify the structure of a document by inserting, deleting, copying, or moving content sections in the document structure.
Edit OSLC Link-Enables you to create or edit the OSLC links between the following:
Windchill RV&S Document Model items and Windchill Modeler resources
Windchill RV&S Document Model items and Windchill parts, Component Resource, and Version Resource.
For more information on creating or editing OSLC links in DocStudio, see the "Windchill RV&S OSLC Client" guide.
You can work only on one editing feature at a time. Document editing works in single-edit mode. In other words, you must save the current editing operation before moving on to the next one.
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