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Editing Considerations in DocStudio
Make a note of the following points when editing content in DocStudio:
Editing capability is not provided for the following types of documents:
Included document and its content sections
Inserted documents and its content sections
You can use another interface of Windchill RV&S to edit such documents.
Content that is filtered using DocStudio’s search feature.
Drag and Drop capability of an image file into a rich text field is provided. The supported image formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. If you drag and drop non-image files such as PDF documents into a rich text field, the operation will not work.
Inserting or dragging and dropping image files of type TIFF into a rich text field in Internet Explorer browser results in broken images.
It is recommended not to copy images between two rich text fields as the copy operation does not work as expected.
Selection or deletion of a single table cell is not supported.
The rich content fields do not support text highlight of foreground and background colors.
When resizing an image in Microsoft Edge browser, the arrow for resizing is not visible.
Editing Considerations for Links
Hyperlinks inserted in rich content fields with the URL prefixes \\ and file do not work in Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Refer to the respective browser plugins documentation for more information on support for file:// protocol.
Inserting links on images is not supported.
The link for local files that are inserted as attachment links during an edit operation will work only after a Save operation.
Label text on attachment links cannot be changed if an anchor link already exists for it.
During an edit operation if a file is inserted as an attachment link, the file is displayed in the Attachment list of the Insert Attachment Link window before a Save operation. You can select the same file from the list and insert another new attachment link. This link will work only after the edit changes are saved.