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Editing Relationships
Editing of fields of type Relationship is now supported in DocStudio. You can work with related items and perform various actions on them.
Editing the Relationship Field
You can edit or view relationships in DocStudio as follows:
Select Edit Content from the Select Action list.
Double-click the relationship field you want to edit.
The relationship table opens with the related items for the field listed.
Edit Relationship User Interface Elements
User Interface Table
Select to add one or more related items.
Select one or more related items from the table to delete. The icon is highlighted once a related item is selected.
Indicates a forward relationship
Indicates a backward relationship
Show More
Click to load additional related items.
For query results while adding related items, a maximum of 600 items are loaded on every click.
In the view that opens on clicking a relationship field, a maximum of 10 items are loaded on every click.
Enter a search string or value to filter the related items that are loaded in the view.
Indicates the sorting order for a column.
Sorting is not available for the ID column.
Indicates it is an Allowed relationship.
Indicates relationship is not shown in the trace.
Indicates relationship is not shown in the Finder.
Indicates relationship is not shown in the structure.
Adding a Related Item