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Constraints in DocStudio
Constraints are applicable to fields in DocStudio. If a constraint is violated during edit or create operations, DocStudio displays an appropriate error message. For example, if a constraint has been created to restrict the value of a field within a range, an error message is displayed if a value is specified outside the range. For more information on constraints, see the topic. Managing Constraints.
The following constraints are not applicable:
Constraints for restricting allowed values
A constrained field that is set to display only allowed values shows all applicable values instead of displaying only allowed values. For example, if the Test Method field in a Test Case is constrained to display only the allowed value Performance, then this constraint is not applied in DocStudio. As a result all the applicable values: Manual, ITF, and Performance are available for selection for Test Method.
Constraints for auto saving field relationship
In some cases where one field is constrained by the other, constraints are applied only after a Save operation.
If constraints that are dependent on other fields are not applied, then open the item in another interface of Windchill RV&S for the constraints to work. For example, if the state in an item is changed to In Progress, then a related list may not get populated with the required values. In such cases, open the item in another interface for the required values to be displayed in the list.