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Creating and Managing Test Result Fields
This topic instructs you on how to create test result fields exposed to users in the Test Result Editor and Test Result view. Users enter test results data manually using the Test Result Editor. Test result fields are typically used for entering performance or measurement related data. For example, on a hand held device, fields could be Battery Life or Throughput.
It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the components of process and workflow in Windchill RV&S in general before completing the tasks specified in this topic.
Your role as an administrator is to create the test result fields and expose them to users. Users then enter data in these fields using the Test Results Editor. The data manually entered in those fields can be used for reporting purposes or queries.
Test Management Types and Relationships
Before You Start: Need-to-Know Information
System Requirements and Configuration
Windchill RV&S Process and Workflow Enhancements for Windchill RV&S Test
Creating Test Result Fields
To create a test result field in the GUI
Viewing and Managing Test Result Fields
CLI Commands for Test Management