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CLI Commands for Test Management
Documentation for existing CLI commands is available by typing man followed by the name of the command, for example, man “tm viewresults”. Doing so either displays online reference pages or searches for reference pages that have specified keywords associated with them.
This following is a list of relevant CLI commands used in Windchill RV&S Test for both user and administrator tasks in Windchill RV&S Test.
Administrator Task Relevant Commands
tm createverdict
tm deleteverdict
tm editverdict
tm purgeresults
tm resultfields
tm verdicts
tm viewverdict
This guide also discusses options in the following Windchill RV&S commands specific to test management functionality in the procedure for which they apply:
im createfield, im editfield, im deletefield, im viewfield, tm resultfields
User Task Relevant Commands
tm createresult
tm deleteresult
tm editeresult
tm extractattachments
tm resulteditor
tm results
tm setprefs
tm setresults
tm stepresults
tm testcases
tm viewpref
tm viewresult
tm viewuntested