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Viewing and Managing Test Result Fields
You can view test result field definitions by selecting the applicable field under Test Result Fields in the Windchill RV&S administration client and clicking Test Field > View Definition. If you want to change the field definition, choose Test Field > Edit Field.
For details on editing fields and the options in the Fields dialog box, see the Fields documentation.
For a list of valid test result field data types with explanations of each, go to step one in “Creating Test Result Fields”.
Test Result Type
The Test Result type is automatically created when you first create a test result field.
You can view the type by selecting it in the Workflow and Documents > Types view.
The default name is Test Result, but it can be modified. The type does not have full editing capabilities, and you can only edit the following options and/or fields only: Name, Administrators, Attributes (Description only), Position, and Visible Fields. Custom test result fields must be made visible on the Test Result type in order to appear in the test result editor.