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Creating Test Result Fields
This section outlines each step required to set up test result fields in the Windchill RV&S administration client. After you create the fields using the GUI or the CLI you will be able to see them and edit them.
When creating custom fields used in item types, custom indexes may need to be created for your database. Contact your Database Administrator (DBA) for assistance.
Exposing Test Result Fields to Users
Test result fields are created first and then exposed to users on the Test Result type using the Visible Fields node in the Edit Type dialog box.
For details on making fields visible on a type, see “Creating Types” and “Setting Field Visibility for Types”.
Viewing the new Test Result fields in the Test Result Editor
After you expose the fields, view the newly created fields on a Test Result in the Windchill RV&S client using the Test Result Editor. Users can filter by specific criteria using a data filter in the Test Results view. For details about filtering options, see the User Test Process documentation.
To display the Test Result Editor for a test session item, select a test session item in the Items view or Relationships view, or open it in the Items Detail view, and do the following:
In the GUI, select Test Result Editor.
In the Web interface, select Test > Result Editor.
If a test session contains versioned test items, use the Integrity Lifecycle Manager 12.0 client or a later client only. It is recommended that you upgrade clients older than 12.0 to the current version for using the Test Result Editor with versioned test items.
Test Results are also available on the Test Result Tab of a Test Case or a Test Session.
The layout of test result fields is displayed by Position order in the Test Result Editor. You can change the field position order by editing the field by using the im editfield --position command.