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Windchill RV&S Process and Workflow Enhancements for Windchill RV&S Test
This section describes the changes to Windchill RV&S as a result of the implementation of the test result fields.
Workflow Area
Triggers were extended to allow you to set/get result field data.
Information on available Windchill RV&S Beans is located in the Event Trigger Java Documentation on the Windchill RV&S server home page:
Users can create item queries that show items based on the following criteria:
Is Related to By a Test Result
Has Test Result
Has Test Result With Related Items
Has Test Result With Attachment
Modified Date
Session ID
Modified By
Verdict, for example: Pass, Fail, or Skipped.
Verdict Type, which is specifically used to compute metrics.
Users can now query on the Result Annotation field and any defined test result field (pick, integer, float, shorttext, datetime).
Only the following types of fields are supported:
Pick: For example, Usability Rating (pick values, Very Usable, Somewhat Usable, Difficult to Use) could be a pick value used for assigning a rating to certain types of tests such as User Interface testing.
Date: For example, Execution Time. When you ran the test (as opposed to modified time).
Shorttext: For example, GPS Co-ordinates (textual description of the GPS co-ordinates used for testing location based devices).
Integer: For example, Throughput (kbps), Battery Life (%).
Float: For example, Execution Time (hours).
Reports expose the test session, test case, modified date, modifying user, verdict, annotation, attachments and relationships of the test result. Users create reports using the Report wizard and the Report Template Editor in either the GUI or the Web.
In addition, the following test result tags are used in report recipes only and direct the report wizard to show the result filter panel in the GUI:
<%testresultfilter%> is used in report recipes only and directs the wizard to show the result filter panel in the GUI.
which must be placed between <%begintestresultdetail%> and "<%endtestresultdetail%> tags.
The <%testresultfilter%> tag will be replaced by <%filter%>...<%endfilter%> in the report template where "..." will be the filter text you entered in the report wizard. If you are creating the template manually, only the "<%filter%>...<%endfilter%>" tags are used.
When report is executed, the <%testresultfilter%> tag will be replaced with the filter defined in the wizard which then will be applied to the results.
Basically works the same way as “<%relationshipfilter%>" when reporting on relationships except that uses relationship rules and test results use filters.
The <%testresultfilter%> tag does not support anything included into it.
CLI Commands
--testResult now added to the following commands as an option (not documented in the man pages at this time):
im create/edit/viewtype, im types
im create/edit/viewfield, tm resultfields