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Adding Parts List Information Elements
The Structure tab in the Service Structure Information Page enables you to insert parts list information elements into a service structure. A parts list holder associates the parts list information element to the service structure at the location where you would like the parts list to be inserted. The parts list information element is a separate object in Windchill. The parts list content holder is also a separate object in Windchill and has its own information page (see Content Holders for Information Elements for more information).
Follow these steps to insert a parts list information element into your service structure:
1. Open the Structure tab on the information page for the service structure.
2. In the service structure pane, find the location where you want to insert an information element, and click on the object to select it.
3. Click Insert Existing in the Editing action set, and choose Insert Existing Information Element.
You can also use the shortcut menu to insert an information element by choosing Insert Existing > Insert Existing Information Element.
The Insert Existing Information Element dialog box opens.
4. You can search for existing parts lists, and then you can select the ones you want to add to your service structure. The window contains the following options:
Search On – Enables you to select the type of content you want to search for.
For parts list information elements, choose Parts List.
Number – Search for an object based on the object number.
If you know the number of the object for which you want to search, enter it here.
Name – Search for an object based on the object name.
You can use wildcards to enlarge your search. For more information, see Using Wildcards.
5. After setting the options as desired, click Search.
The table in the window lists the information elements found by your search.
6. Select one or more information elements in the table and click OK.
Click on an object in the table to select it or CTRL+click to select multiple objects.
The content holders are inserted into your service structure at the location you specified. Each content holder associates the referenced information element to the structure.
For more information, see Insert Existing Information Element.
Any applicability (ATO or Service Effectivity) settings assigned to the parts list being inserted are copied to its associated content holder. If you subsequently make changes to the settings for the content holder, the changes will be passed to the parts list. Similar changes made to the parts list object will also be transferred back to the content holder.
For more information, see Assigning Applicability to a Parts List.
For more information about parts lists, see Windchill Service Parts Overview.