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Assigning Applicability to a Parts List
Applicability based on ATO (option/choice selection) or Service Effectivity can be assigned to a parts list in two ways:
Applicability settings for a BOM part are copied to a parts list it generates during a Generate Parts List action
For more information, see Generating Parts Lists from SBOM Parts
Option/choice selections can be configured for a parts list or parts list items with the Manage Applicability option
For more information, see Managing Applicability
The items in the parts list will be affected when a filter based on applicability is applied to the parts list.
To assign an option/choice selection to a parts list:
1. Go to the Structure tab of a parts list’s information page.
2. Right-click the parts list object and select Manage Applicability. The Manage Applicability window opens.
3. In the Expressions area, click next to the Assigned Item Expressions field. An options selection window opens, listing the options and choices from the assigned option set.
The assigned option set is indicated at the top of the window.
4. Select the Design Option tab.
Out-of-the-box, only the Design Option tab is available. The Sales Option tab appears only if the Sales Choice type is designated as instantiable in the Type and Attribute Management utility.
5. The Design Option tab lists the options and choices included in the option set. Each option contains a list of available choices to choose from. Start selecting choices by clicking checkboxes. Scroll down to view all available options.
To select several choices for the same option, use the Shift or CTRL key.
To assign options via advanced (AND or OR) expression, click the Assign Advanced Expression button . Refer to Defining Options with Advanced Expressions for further information, and confirmation of how to expose the Advanced Expression feature.
6. If the assigned option set was created with Allow Assignment of Exclude Choices set to Yes, you can assign exclude choices. To do this, select a checkbox in the Exclude column. The excluded choices are added to the Summary section with the ≠ sign.
Either all or none of the choices from the same option can be set as exclude choices. Designating one choice as an exclude choice selects all other choices from the same option.
7. The choices that you have selected are listed in the Summary section of the window.
8. When finished assigning choices, click OK. The choices you assigned are listed in the Assigned Item Expressions field in the Manage Applicability window.
Synchronizing Applicability Between Parts List and Content Holder in a Structure
Applicability (ATO and Service Effectivity) settings for a parts list are synchronized between the parts list and its content holder in a service structure. The link between the parts list and the content holder is made when you insert a Parts List Information Element into a structure. Once the link is in place, the synchronization of applicability settings between the two objects takes place with two types of action:
Editing the parts list’s applicability settings in Windchill Service Parts, then checking the parts list in
For more information, see Managing Applicability.
Editing the applicability settings for the relevant parts list content holder in the service structure, then checking the content holder in
Multiple parts lists with different applicability values can be maintained in a service structure in this way.
For more information about Parts List Information Elements, see Adding Parts List Information Elements.