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Service Structure Information Elements
The Structure tab on the Service Structure Information Page enables you to add content to your service structure.
You can add new or existing information elements to the structure using the Editing action set or shortcut menu.
You can add new or existing information elements from the Information Element List tab.
For a publication structure, you can insert content from an information structure for the current context using the Information Structure tab.
You can add the following types of content to your service structure:
New and existing textual information elements
New and existing parts list information elements
New and existing information groups for information structures
New and existing publication sections for publication structures
New and existing graphic information elements for information structures
Existing service structures of the same type you are working on
Table of contents and index for publication structures
You can also use the New/Add To action set to save an object in the service structure to reuse, save a master of the structure to use as a template, and replace the current object with a local copy. For more information, refer to Saving a Service Structure as a Master Structure and Replace Content with a Local Copy.