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Managing Superseded Parts
You can configure Supersede relationships between parts list items and other parts to indicate that the original part has been permanently replaced by another part, for example if the original part is no longer in production.
The option to specify superseding parts is available in two locations:
1. In the Related Parts tab in the Structure tab of the Parts List Editor
Select a parts list item in the structure and navigate to the Supersedes table in the tab.
Refer to The Related Parts Tab for information.
2. In the Supersedes table for a part
The table is available in two places:
The Supersedes tab in the Structure tab for the part
The information page for a part
You may need to create a new tab for the information page, and customize it to display Related Objects > Supersedes.
Refer to Customizing Information Page Tabs for more information.
Managing Superseding Links from the Related Parts Tab
To manage Superseding relationships for a parts list item in the Related Parts tab:
Select a parts list item in the parts list structure and open the Replacement Parts tab.
Navigate to the Supersedes table.
Choose either Supersede with Existing or Supersede with New in the table toolbar.
See Superseding a Part with an Existing Part and Superseding a Part with a New Part for more information about superseding a part.
The part you selected appears in the Supersedes table, as the parent of the original parts list item.
Each Supersede relationship is displayed in a historical hierarchy. Each superseding part is shown as the parent of the part it superseded, with the currently applicable part shown at the top of the hierarchy. You can expand and collapse the hierarchy for visibility purposes.
To remove an existing Supersede relationship, click the Undo Supersede button in the table toolbar.
Managing Superseding Links from a Supersedes Table
For information on managing Superseding relationships from the Supersedes table, see Supersedes Table.
The Superseded icon appears for the original parts list item in the parts list structure to indicate that a Supersede relationship exists. The icon is displayed in the Superseded column in the parts list structure tree and the Items tab — customize the view of these tables to expose the column. See Customizing Table Views for further information.
Managing Attributes for Supersede Links
You can edit the value of custom (soft type) attributes for a superseding part. The Quantity attribute is provided.
The attributes can be exposed in the dialogs for creating new Supersede links, or in a Supersedes table. Customize the view of the dialog or table to make the attributes visible. See Customizing Table Views for further information.
For more information about soft typing, see Configuration Options.