Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Parts > Superseding Parts Overview > Superseding a Part with a New Part
Superseding a Part with a New Part
Use the Supersede with New action when you want to create a new part with which to supersede a part.
1. Launch the Supersede with New action from one of the following locations:
Actions drop-down list on part information pages.
Toolbar icon or right-click menu of the Supersedes table on part information pages.
Affected Objects table of a change task. Select the checkbox next to the part you want to supersede, and then select the Actions menu. If you select multiple parts, the action creates a new part for each part selected. For more information, see Superseding a Part Through Change Management.
2. The Supersede with New window opens.
a. Enter a name for the new part.
b. Select a location for the new part by entering the path in the table row or click the set location icon .
c. Optionally, click the collect related CAD documents icon if new CAD documents need to be created for the new superseding part.
Although you are collecting CAD documents, the CAD documents are not recognized as superseding one another.
3. Click OK.