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Service Replacement
The concept of service replacement is based on the three types of relationship that can be configured for the items in a part list:
If any of these relationships have been configured for a parts list item, or a BOM part, the details can be viewed and managed in the Related Parts tab on the Structure tab of the item’s information page.
Refer to The Related Parts Tab for information.
Replacement Parts
There are two types of Replacement relationship:
Alternate parts — an alternate for a part can replace a part in every product structure
Substitute parts — a substitute part can replace a part only in a specific product structure
Refer to Managing Alternate Parts for information.
Refer to Managing Substitute Parts for information.
Supplementary Parts
A Supplementary relationship for a part list item identifies the additional items that are needed to complete a maintenance or replacement task on a parts list item.
Refer to Managing Supplementary Parts for information.
Superseded Parts
A Supersede relationship between two parts identifies the part that replaces another part when the original part is no longer in production.
Refer to Managing Superseded Parts for information.